Parweld XR937H True Colour Extra Large View Auto Welding And Grinding Helmet

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Parweld Extra Large View Light Reactive Welding & Grinding Helmet

Moulded Construction

The XR937H is both slim and lightweight in construction. Manufactured from a high impact polyamide nylon material which ensures the helmet high levels of comfort and durability. The metallic paint finish ensures maximum heat reflection. 

Large Viewing Area

Allows the user to follow the weld seam with ease and allows extended use for grinding due to improved visibility. 

Fast Switching

The auto on, auto-darkening, wide view lens switches from light to dark in 1/30,000th of a second and offers continuous eye protection against UV and IR radiation, even when the lens is in the light state mode. The grinding switch is conveniently located on the outside of the helmet. The switch locks the filter in the light state to enable the helmet to be used as a grinding visor.

Solar Powered

The helmet is powered by a solar cell with replaceable backup batteries. 


The welding filter has 4 sensors that react independently as the welding arc is struck enabling the almost instantaneous darkening of the filter. The switching sensitivity knob is located on the outside of the helmet and allows the helmet to be tuned to work in different ambient light levels.

All Parweld filters have a Shade DIN 4 light state, ideal for welding preparation.

Conforms to European Standards

The XR937H Large View Light Reactive Welding and Grinding Helmet is independently certified to BS EN 379 and BS EN 175, EN 166, BS EN 379:20003+A 1:2009, BS EN 175:1997, BS EN 166:2002.

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