Parweld Eco-Grip Max 501W Water Cooled MIG Welding Torches With Euro Fitting

ParweldSKU: ECR5000-30ER

Torch Cable Length: 3 Metre
Sale price£137.50

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Designed to be durable, reliable and comfortable, the Eco-Grip Max® MIG range is manufactured to give longevity and superior performance.

Eco-Grip Max® Handle System with Integrated Grips, designed for balance, lightness and strength. Hyperflex; Cable Systems – air-cooled cable assemblies offer outstanding flexibility and the highest heat and abrasion resistance of any known cable. Cable end crimp systems ensure Maximum conductivity. Ground Breaking Design Ergonomics. Integrated Knuckle Joint Systems allowing movements of the handle and neck independently from the cable assembly.

400A CO₂ 360A Mixed Gas @ 100% Duty Cycle, EN60974-7


Key features

Nozzles: Maximum wall thickness gives longevity & performance. Manufactured to the same specification as the OEM.

Contact Tips: Manufactured using a harder and higher conductivity copper alloy than the OEM.

Swan Necks: High-temperature resistant insulation materials reducing the risk of shorting. Durable & robust.

Hanger Hooks: Easy to store, less prone to damage. Encourages an efficient & tidy workspace.

Handle System: The ergonomically superior Pro-Grip Max system maximises user comfort. Integrated soft grips ensure the handle remains in place with minimal grip pressure. Designed for balance, lightness & strength with enhanced wire feeding performance. Screwless design for rapid servicing.

Secure Contacts: The contacts in the trigger carrier are over-moulded so cannot pull out.

Neck Security: Upstands on the location block prevent any rotational movement of the neck.

Knuckle Joint: Improved manoeuvrability – small movements of the handle and neck are possible independently of the cable assembly.

Cable Supports: Improved wire feeding. The perfect balance of freedom of movement and progressive support to the cable is achieved.

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