Magmaweld ESB 44 E7016 H8 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrode 4.0mm x 350mm - 2.5KG Pack

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Magmaweld ESB 44 E7016 H8 Low Hydrogen Welding Electrodes

4.00mm x 350mm 2.5KG Pack

Suitable for fabrication and repair welding of dynamically loaded steel constructions, machines and agricultural equipment, workshop and maintenance welding. Smooth and clean welds, blending into the base metal without undercuts. Excellent gap bridging properties. The double covering of this electrode produces a stable, concentrated and directed arc, thus being ideally suited for root pass and positional welding and is suited for AC welding. Welds are of X-ray quality.

Key Features

  • E7016 Grade Welding Rod
  • High Quality
  • EN ISO 2560 - A E 38 2 B 12 H10
  • TS EN ISO 2560 - A E 38 2 B 12 H10
  • AWS/ASME SFA - 5.1 E7016 H8
  • Vacuum Sealed Cardboard Packaging
  • 2.5KG of 4.0mm x 350mm

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