Magmaweld EH 360B Hardfacing Welding Electrode 5.00mm x 450mm - 6.5KG Pack

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Magmaweld EH 360B Hardfacing Welding Electrodes

5.00mm x 450mm 6.5KG Pack

Thick basic-covered electrode for depositing tough and wear-resisting overlays on structural members, subjected to severe wear. It is particularly resistant to high metal-to-metal wear, moderate impact and abrasion. The weld metal has sufficient red hardness up to +600°C. It can be machined only by grinding. Suitable hardfacing applications where wear resistance at higher temperatures is a prime concern, as in hot cut-offs, dies for pressure castings, rolls, crushers excavator parts, bucket edges and bucket teeth, drilling bits, coal planes, conveyor screws. Multi-layers deposits will be free of cracks, even without depositing intermediate buffer layers. Only in the case of very crack sensitive base metals, a tough buffer layer, made with ESB 40 or EI 307B electrodes, is required. Preferred to use with DC, electrode in positive (+) pole and also possible to use with AC.

Key Features

  • E Fe8 Grade Welding Rod
  • EN 14700 - E Fe8
  • TS EN 14700 - E Fe8
  • Vacuum Sealed Cardboard Packaging
  • 6.5KG of 5.00mm x 450mm

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